27. Rama's Archery Skill

Hanuman climbed that tree right away. Then Sugriwa climbed down and met Rama and Laksamana. Sugriwa was touched by Rama's story about being evicted to the jungle, and loss of his wife, who kidnapped by giant-king Rahwana. He promised to help Rama search for Sita.

Rama felt the same way about the Sugriwa's situation, as he had been evicted from his kingdom, too. The Ayodya warrior stated his intention to help Sugriwa get his trone back.

Sugriwa wanted to see Rama's skill in archery. With pleasure, Rama agreed to show his skill.  In the middle of the forest, there were seven palm trees. With one shot, Rama's arrow knocked down those seven trees.   Sugriwa and Hanuman were very impressed upon seeing Rama's skill in archery.