22. Jatayu Met Rama

Rama and Laksamana returned to their hut. They were shocked when they found that Sita was missing. Rama' tears fell. His misery was carried by the wind across the jungle, then carried by the waves in the ocean. Laksamana felt great regret himself for leaving Sita alone.

Those two warriors went   searching for Sita. They wandered the jungle, climbed the hills, and crossed the valleys. However, they could not find her, not even her tracks.

Finally, Rama saw a big eagle lying on the ground, and on his beak there was a ring. Rama saw that ring and at that very moment he recognized it was Sita's ring.

In a broken voice Jatayu told Rama that Sita had been kidnapped by a giant-king named Rahwana. Jatayu could not say more words because he was very weak and had run out of energy. A short time later, he died.   Rama remembered that bird was his close friend.  To show his last respects for Jatayu, Rama cremated the corpse in a ceremony.