21. The Struggle of Jatayu

Sita was resisting fiercely and screaming continuously, but it was a futile effort. Rahwana's hands grew, becoming ten pairs, and so did his face. That was why he was called Dasamuka or Ten faces. Sita constantly called Rama's name. She realized her mistake of obeying Laksamana's suggestion and being suspicious to him.

There was a big bird named Jatayu. He was Rama's close friend. When he heard Sita sreams mentioning Rama, he flew to give her help. He snatched, beat, and scratched Rahwana many times. He strived to grab Sita from Rahwana.

Rahwana became angry then he drew his weapon. Then the fight was joined in the sky. Jatayu was badly hurt so that he could not fly again. Knowing that Jatayu was defending her, Sita released her ring then threw it to Jatayu to give to Rama. Jatayu fell to the ground, bleeding.