19. Marica

Rahwana asked Marica to transform himself to be a golden deer with horns covered by gemstones. Rahwana himself would transform into an old sage. Then, Rahwana and Marica went to Dandaka forest. In the forest Marica transformed himself into a golden deer. Seeing this magnificent creature, Sita was amazed. She wanted to catch and take care of the golden deer. However, this deer was difficult to catch. Sita asked Rama to catch the deer for her.

When Rama tried to catch the deer, he ran to the jungle. Sita urged Rama to chase after him. Before leaving Sita, he asked Laksamana to take care of her and never leave her alone.

Carrying his bow and arrow, Rama went to the jungle to catch that golden deer. He chased this creature and shot him so that he could not run away. Marica was shot, then he screamed. He imitated Rama's voice so that it seemed like it was Rama who asking for help.