18. Sarpakenaka Came
to Rahwana

Sarpakenaka’s screaming was heard by her guards, Kara and Dusana. They were shocked when they saw that their lady was hurt and bleeding. It made them very angry. They came to Rama and Laksamana for a revenge. But before they could retaliate, they were killed by Rama and Laksamana.

Sarpakenaka then ran to Langkapura. She met her brother, Dasamuka, who was taking a rest in the palace garden. With tears in her eyes, she told him that Rama and Laksamana had battered her in Dandaka forest. Furthermore, she made Rahwana more envious by telling him to kidnap Sita. She said that Sita was very beautiful that only Rahwana could have her as a wife. Sarpakenaka also told Rahwana that Kara and Dusana had been killed by the Ayodya warriors.

Rahwana became very angry. He planned to take revenge on those Ayodya warriors and also kidnap Sita.   Rahwana asked Marica to go to Dandaka forest to locate Rama's hut.   Marica declared his ability to carry oout Rahwana’s order. Then, he asked Rahwana what kind of command he needed fulfilled.