17. Sarpakenaka

In Dandaka forest there was a female giant named Sarpakenaka. She was the princess of Langkapura. She was accompanied by two giant guards, Kara and Dusana. When she saw the handsome Rama, she was attracted to him. She transformed herself, becoming a beautiful princess, and then she approached Rama.

As a warrior who was faithful to his wife, Rama rejected her even though she looked like a beautiful princess.   Instead he asked her if she was interested to Laksamana.

Sarpakenaka then came to meet Laksamana to utter her intention. But Laksamana also  did not want her. Furthermore, he hurt her nose and ears. Hurting and bleeding, she screamed and transformed herself back to  a giant and ran to the jungle. This incident made both Rama and Laksamana realize that there would be many challenges that they would have to face as warriors.