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This is an official site of Taman Safari Indonesia (the Indonesian Safari Park) located in the beautiful mountainous area of Cisarua, Bogor, an hour and half away from Jakarta.

Highly recommended to visit!!




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This site provides travel information in Indonesia. It includes the hotel & accommodation information, sports adventures and restaurants. There are many travel agencies listed on this site that you can choose depending on the location and class. You can also book your room online from this site.

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Another good site to get information about BALI. It  includes information on the climate,  geography and famous destinations in BALI.

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fisher traditional   boats

Jungle Adventure in Borneo

WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)http://www.adventureindonesia.com/borneo-20d-itinerary.htm

This site provides information for those who like nature and adventure. This site contains a lot of amazing pictures and stories of previous travel experiences.



Indonesia Interactive Travel

WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)http://www.travel-indonesia.com/

A good start page to plan a trip to Indonesia. This site provides the information about the destinations, hotels, airlines schedules, calendar of events and points of interest in almost any region in Indonesia

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Bali dancer




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