Wayang Indonesia

WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)  http://www.wayang-indonesia.com/

gamelan.gif (13485 bytes)Wayang is the traditional puppet originating from Java and Bali. This monthly updated site provides each month a wayang story including description of involved characters. You can also learn the history of wayang from  this site


One of wayang characters, Dasamuka



Indonesian Dances

WB01338_.gif (869 bytes) http://www.ayodyapala.com/

This site is dedicated to Indonesian dance and culture. It contains a lot of pictures of traditional dances and masks.


 WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)  http://www.anggrek.org/

Orchids of Indonesia. This site gives you  pictorial collection of Indonesian Orchids. It provides illustration of orchids in Indonesia, photo gallery, giant orchids and amazing orchids collection.


WB01338_.gif (869 bytes) http://www.klaproject.com/

Official website of KLa Project, a popular pop group in 1990s.

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