Kamus Besar (Dictionary)

This is an Indonesian-English electronic dictionary.  The dictionary includes extensive collection of  Indonesian words and abbreviations with English translation.   Each word has English and Indonesian explanation with examples in sentences.

Data Base Foto-Foto Asia Tenggara

This is an extensive database consisting of photos and pictures about countries in Southeast Asia.  This database allows you to choose pictures based on country or various categories such as agriculture, architecture, arts, and so forth.

Belajar Bahasa Indonesia Dalam Tujuh Hari (Learn Indonesian in Seven Days)

This page provides simple steps to learn Indonesian in a short time.  The page introduces you to basic conversation in Indonesian, simple sentences, greetings, numbers, how to ask questions, etc.  Each words or sentences have explanation on the pronounciation and you can also learn how to say each word or sentence by clicking the audio button.  This page also has link to the electronic dictionary so you can look up at the meaning of each word easily.

Bahasa Indonesia di NIU (Indonesian Language at NIU)

This page consists of course links and other materials and information related to the teaching and studying Indonesian language at NIU by Professor Patricia Henry. 

Berita Tanah Air

This site consist of links to Indonesian newspapers on the internet.  All the newspapers are in Indonesian language.

Peta-Peta Indonesia (Maps of Indonesia)

This site has Indonesian maps.  You can click on the picture and zoom in the particular part of the map.

Gerbang Indonesia Page

This site provides information and links about entertainment, travel, sports and outdoor activities, art and culture in Indonesia. This site also links you with other interesting sites such as Indonesia Gateway, Joglosemar Website, and Indonesia Today.com.


This site provides information and some pictures about Jakarta. You can also find maps of Jakarta in this site and miscellaneous newspaper articles, news, and pictures. [In English and Bahasa Indonesia]

Budaya Bangsa (Arts and Culture)

This site consists of a wide range of information about arts and culture in Indonesia, from literature (link to Pramoedya Ananta Toer's website, the famous novelist in Indonesia), Gamelan (traditional musical instruments), Fables and Folklores, Wayang (the traditional Puppet Show), Balinese dances, Indonesia's traditional culinary, the Ramayana story, People and Places in Indonesia including the tradition and culture of the Chinese Indonesian. In English and Bahasa Indonesia (intermediate to advance level).

Beraneka Ragam Tema (Miscellaneous Themes)

This site introduces you to various lessons and exercises for beginner level of Indonesian language. The site contains links to learn about simple and most popular proverbs in Indonesia, teaches you about colors, numbers, currency, and time. It also introduces you to varieties of tropical fruits, vegetables, and animals in Indonesia. This site also has a lesson about the Indonesian house and the name of different parts of the house, explains body parts, and has some short readings about a vacation in a village. Each page has English translation, exercises, quizzes and games that allow you to practice what you have learned. In each part you can also hear the pronunciation of each word or sentence.

Tata Bahasa (Grammar)

This site provides lessons on basic Indonesian grammar. You can find lessons about active and passive sentences, basic Indonesian affixes, including prefix, suffix, and circumfix. This site also contains explanations about Indonesian prepositions and word order. All these lessons have exercises, quizzes, and games that you can use to practice the words or sentences that you have learnt. For the advance level students, the Reading part provides several newspaper articles in which you can find lots of examples of verbs and nouns and other important words. This particular part provides explanations about affixes as well as the meaning of words in a context. There is an electronic English-Indonesia Dictionary button in each part of this site, so that you can quickly find the translation of each word.

Bahan Bacaan dan Percakapan (Readings and Conversation)

This site provides lessons for those who are at the beginner and intermediate level of Indonesian.  It has extensive and various learning materials including readings and exercises about pictures, Indonesian advertisements, basic conversation, public transportation, time, short readings about the coconut tree, various short stories from regions in Indonesia, short articles about ceremonies in Bali and Java, selected newspaper articles, popular Indonesian political cartoons, and some poetries.   Each part has exercises, quiz, audio, and links to the electronic dictionary.  


This site provides a description in Indonesian and English about the political reformation process in 1998.  It provides time line information of improtant events prior to and the period after the stepping down of Soeharto in 1998.   It also has several political analyses of the Indonesia's current political and economic condition.  This page has various important information for those who are interested in Indonesia's politics. 

Indonesia's Elections

This site is useful for people interested in Indonesia's elections.  It contains statistical information on the election results from the first election in 1955 to the last election in 1999.  It also provides information regarding the upcoming 2004 election.  The site has links to various governmental and non-governmental bodies, political parties, social and economic organizations and websites about elections in the world.  The information and links in this site are both in English and Indonesian.   

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