Get your own copy of the Indonesian Dictionary!

September 1999 - Original Version

Current - July 2007

You can view an .htm file that contains all of the words in the Indonesian dictionary and then save it on your own computer. The file is rather large (3.3 megabytes), so it will take considerable time to load if you are using a modem to connect.

Click here to view the entire Indonesian Dictionary.

Click here to get a zip file (775KB) of this dictionary.

Click here to get a zip file (685KB) of this dictionary as an MDF File (provided to us through the courtesy of Jonathan Coombs)

Once you have viewed the file in your browser (make sure it has completely loaded), use the browser's "Save as" command (usually under the File menu in most browsers) and save the file to your own local hard disk. Be sure to save the file with an extension of ".htm" without the quotes. Now you can use your local copy of the dictionary without being connected to the Internet.

Simply start your browser and load the file you saved. Assume that you saved it on drive C:\, in a directory named IndoDict, and that you saved it with the name "diction.htm". You can type the following URL in your browser's window to view the file:

file://c:\IndoDict\diction.htm   (Note carefully the back and forward slashes.)

Once the file has loaded, you can use the browser's "Find" command (under the "Edit" menu) to search for words you want to look up.

You can check back here from time to time to see if we have provided a newer version of the dictionary with additional entries.