A series of documentary film about children activities (i.e. playing, studying, working, etc)

in various culture and location settings in Indonesia.

A collaborative production of RCTI, SCTV, TPI, ANTEVE, dan INDOSIAR (1995)

Producers and Directors: Garin Nugroho and Mira Lesmana


Kisah Bangguk #3 dari Kalimantan Tengah

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Kosa Kata

ladang: dry crop field

bibit: seed, seedling (of a plant)

wajib: oblige, duty

kumbang: grasshopper, bug

roh: spirit, soul

mendulang: to mine (gold) in the river

bermimpi: to have a dream

menghampiri: to come to

bernasib: to have fate, destiny

dilupakan: forgotten

kejayaan: glory

patung: statue

pemilik: owner

upacara: ceremony, ritual


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