Please read the instructions and directions carefully before taking the quiz !!!


The Quiz:
This multiple choice quiz is presented in sets of 3 questions.

You select an answer by clicking on the answer of your choice - you will see the little button beside it turn black.

To see and answer the next question, click on the Next button. After you have answered all the questions in a set of 3, you will
notice that the Judge button is enabled (i.e. the word Judge has turned from gray to black). Click on it to find out how many of
the questions you got right.

If you didn't get them all right, you must go back and change one or more of your answers and click on Judge again. Repeat
this process if necessary until you get all the questions in the set right. You cannot go on to the next set of questions until you
get the current set right.

At the end of the quiz, you will be shown how many times you needed to click Judge. Obviously, the best score will be to
have clicked Judge only once per set of three questions. So if there are 12 questions, a perfect score would show that you
pressed Judge 4 times.

Some or all of the questions may have a Hint which you can see by clicking on the Hint button. You cannot see the Hints until
you have answered the question once. Try not to use the Hints unless you need them.

When all the answers in a set are right, you will notice that the Next Set button is enabled. Click on it to see the first question in
the next set of questions. Answer and Judge these questions the same way you did the first set.

Work through all the questions in this way. When the Next Set button remains disabled after you've answered all the questions
in a set correctly, the quiz is over. You will see a message to this effect, and a summary of your score.

Press your Browser's Back or Return button to return to the quiz.

You should read the text in the top part of the page before you attempt to answer the questions. At any time, however, you can
go back and re-read the text to help you answer the quiz questions.

Clicking on the little speaker icons will allow you to hear the paragraph read aloud. You must have the RealAudio RealPlayer
software installed. See Getting Started with SEAsite for instructions on how to obtain and install this software.

The Dictionary:
You can use the dictionary to look up words you don't know. You can type them in, or you can Copy and Paste.

Sometimes the Dictionary is "hidden" behind the readings page. You can always restore it by clicking on the "Dictionary"
Button on the Taskbar (Windows 95).

Note: in some browsers, the Edit/Paste command does not work. You can usually use keyboard Copy/Paste cammands - for
example, in Windows, Crtl-C copies and Crtl-V pastes.