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Quiz on the Three Indonesian Proverbs


First read these instructions, then scroll down so you can see the whole quiz area, and take the quiz.

Try to answer the questions without looking back at the Proverbs.

You will have several multiple choice questions, presented in sets of three.  You can't go on to the next set of three until you get the current set of three correct.  

Within each set, after you answer one question by clicking on the correct answer, click on Next Q to see the next question.

After you've answered three questions, the Judge button will turn to black, and you can click it.  You will then see how many you got right (for example, 2 of 3).  If you didn't get them all right, you'll have to hit the Prev Q button  to go back and figure out which ones are wrong and correct them.  Each time you change an answer, you can hit Judge again to find out if you're ok.

It's better to think about the questions and anwers than to just blindly change answers and press Judge over and over.  At the end you will see a score that tells you how many times you've done a Judge and how many sets of questions you answered.  Ideally these 2 numbers should be the same = perfect score.

As soon as you have all three questions in a set correct, you should go on by pressing Next Set.  Then you can do the next 3 questions the same way.