English - Indonesian Lookup Help

Type in a single English word and press Lookup.

The program will look for this word in the English definitions in the Indonesian dictionary and will then display the corresponding Indonesian words and their short definitions.

-- In some cases, the words returned will not be relevant or will be distantly relevant.  For example:

  • "rent" will return "lain" which means different. (diffeRENT)
  • "girl" will return "cowok" (among others) which means "young man" or  "to act like a boy (said of girls)".

In the former case you might try "rent" with a leading or trailing blank:

" rent" or "rent " or even " rent "

-- In some cases, the dictionary may miss relevant words.  For example:

  • "girl" will not return "wanita" because the definition of wanita uses the word "female" and not "girl"

So you might want to try several synonyms such as "female", "woman", etc.

-- If you want more information on a given word, use the

Indonesian Dictionary