1st person

Active: I have not seen that letter












Passive: That letter has not been seen by me











Active: I have to help my mother













Passive: My mother has   to be helped by me













Active: I want to wear your clothes













Passive: I want to wear your clithes. [lit. "Your clothes want to be worn by me."]













Active: We are the ones who already bought those bananas.












Passive: Those are the bananas that we already bought.












Active: I read this book















Passive: This book is read by me.












2nd person

Active: You have to buy that medicine for me










Passive: That medicine has to be bought by you for me










Active: You have to buy me that medicine












Passive: I have to be bought that medicine by you











Active: What will you cook today? [lit. "You will cook what today?"]













Passive: What is it that you will cook today?













Active: Have you looked for your younger sister?













Passive: Has your younger sister been looked for by you?













Active: You have to give me that medicine













Passive: I have to be given that medicine by you.














3rd person

Active: Tomo wants to read that newspaper.













Passive: "That paper wants to be read by Tomo."













Active: Mazen hasn’t yet opened the door.













Passive: The door hasn’t yet been opened by Mazen.













Active: Our teacher must discuss that film.













Passive: That film must be discussed by our teacher.













Active: Ani receives a letter from her mother.













Passive: A letter from her mother is received by Ani













Passive: A letter is received by Ani from her mother.













Active: Mr. L. closes his office













Passive: The office is closed by Mr. L.













Active: A typist has already typed that letter.













Passive: That letter has been already typed by a typist.













Active: Ms. S. is preparing fried fish.













Passive: Fried fish is being prepared by Ms.S.