Pictures of the 2009 Campaign

(from various sources)

A father who uses his daughter's fame to attract attention.


The descendant of many great 'local' figures...who cares?


dr. Nova Riyanti Yusuf, a psychiatrist and novelist, with a Zorro mustache...



rough translation:

by only looking at my picture, I am pleased already

moreover if you remember me, I will be happier.

If you vote for me, number 3 in the list,

you are not wrong because this is the way to your and our ideals.

Therefore I will try with all my ability to work to reach the welfare and prosperity of you,

me, and all of us because of our conscience.

Maybe we were born equal.

Write down my phone number (......)

for holding my promise.


No longer coblos (punching a hole), sir, it's marking on the ballot now!

Notice former president Megawati and her father, Soekarno, backing up the candidate, I Gusti Agung Putri Astrid Kartika (whom Bu Henry knew when she was much younger as Gung Ti).  "Srikandi" is a character from the Mahabharata -- a woman warrior who, as the poster implies, will fight for "Indonesian People [to be] smart, healthy and prosperous!"