Indonesian Elections 2009


The 2009 general elections to elect members of the national and local House of Representatives will be held on April 9, 2009. There are 38 political parties are eligible to contest for the national elections, while additional 6 local parties are eligible to contest for local seats in Aceh. Many old parties are able to join the elections as the law permits them.

The elections will use open-list proportional system. Voters can cast their votes to a candidate nominated by a party. Seats will be distributed to the parties that pass 2.5 percent parliamentary threshold. This will be done according to the simple quota of total votes divided by seats in every electoral district, and then the seat will go to the most votes candidate from a party that can secure votes more than quota at the first round of calculation. There will be four possible rounds of seat allocation process.

Meanwhile, the second direct presidential election is scheduled to be held on July 9, 2009.



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