Letters from Jakarta:
About the Indonesian Elections, June 7, 1999

Marc Hoffman

This site is just being put together, so please bear with any problems.

These are dispatches from Jakarta about the preparations for and result of June 7 Indonesian general election.  They began, on June 1, as short daily emails to friends. 

I am a resident of Jakarta, speak Indonesian relatively well, and have been involved with many aspects of Indonesia, including arts and culture, business, and various kinds of consulting.  I am currently a consultant. This personal communication represents my own opinions and experiences as a volunteer and does not have any connection with my employment or employer, nor does this in any way represent the opinion of the observer team of which I was a part.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this narrative.

Marc Hoffman, Jakarta

The narrative is 22 pages printed out and I was more comfortable reading it on paper than on the screen.

Download a text file of the complete narrative (no picture), including the above letter

Download a MS Word 97 file of the complete narrative (no picture), including the above letter


June 1-2, Ballot

Ballot Details
June 3 PDI-P Campaign

June 4 PDR Campaign

June 5 Team Meeting—Site Selection

June 6 Scouting A—The Day Before

More Scouting Pictures 1
More Scouting Pictures 2
More Scouting Pictures 3
June 6Midnight Melek
More Melek Picture
June 7 Voting

June 7 Vote Counting

More Vote Counting Pictures
June 7-9 Post Election

June 10 Voting Delay

June 11-12

June 13-14

Text Only Narrative

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