Saron Demung

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Picture Credit: Dr. Han Kuo-Huang

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Among the sarons, Saron Demung has the largest metal bars and produces the lowest sound.  It's pitches are one octave lower than the Saron Barung.  Like those of Saron Barung and Saron Panerus, in Saron Demung, the higher the pitch the smaller the bar.  The measurements of the bars are approximately 35.5cm. long and 9 cm wide.  However, the thickness of these bars are not as thick as those of Saron Panerus.  All Saron family metal bars are in arch shape, in which, each bar has a flat bottom and a arch top.  As the pitch rises, the arch of the bar also rises.  The thickness (at the center) of the largest Demung bar is approximately 1cm.  The mallets for Saron Demung are the largest among the mallets used to struck on Saron instruments.  The structure of Demung's mallet are the same as those of the Saron Barung.

There are two types of Saron Demung, Pelog Demung and Slendro Demung.  These two types of Demung are of different tuning system.

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