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Picture Credit: Dr. Han Kuo-Huang

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Listen to Kendang Gending and Kendang Ketipung

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Kendangs are smaller then a Bedug.  There are usually three to four Kendangs in a gamelan.  These drums are in different sizes, however, they are all of similar barrel shape.  Both heads of each drum are covered with a skin, usually from goat or buffalo.  Each drum has two different sizes of head, one is bigger then the other.  The larger head, which produces the lower sounds, is usually placed to the player's right.

Kendangs are cradled in small wooden stands.  Sometimes, the smallest drum, Kendang Ketipung is held in the lap of the drum player.  The player uses his hands to play the drums.  Usually the drums has a relatively easy part with a few strokes and uncomplicated rhythm.

The names of these drums from the largest to the smallest are: Kendang Gending,  Kendang Wayangan, Kendang Ciblon, and Kendang Ketipung.

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