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Picture Credit: Dr. Han Kuo-Huang

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The Suling is a simple bamboo flute.  A notch is cut into the the side of the top end, and this top end is surrounded by a rattan of bamboo ring, leaving a small slit where the player will put his mouth on.  Suling is the simplest and cheapest instrument in the gamelan. 

There are basically two types of Sulings.  A five finger-holes and a four finger-holes.  Each for a different tuning system.  Five finger-holes for pelog system and four for slendro system.

With its different color of sound, it provides one of the most expressive lines in the ensemble.  It sometimes grouped with the Rebab and the voice, but its part is freer.   Compared to other counter-melody instruments, its musical phrases is shorter and disjointed, rather than as a continuous line.

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