Readings and Conversations

Note: All materials in these pages are enhanced with audio capability

Pictures and Words
Basic Readings about pictures

Advertisements -- short & simple!

Percakapan Dasar
Basic Conversations

Tentang Kendaraan Umum
About Public Transportation

Waktu yang Kukenal
An easy reading about the times of day

Pohon Kelapa
An easy reading about coconut products

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Concordance and Word Frequency


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Cerita Pendek
Intermediate readings of Indonesian short stories in Bahasa Indonesia and English on Interview with Rahwana and The Mysterious Shooter Trilogy: Keroncong Pembunuhan, Bunyi Hujan Di Atas Genting and Grhhh!


Bacaan Daerah
Intermediate readings of Indonesian folk tales from different regions


Puisi - Puisi
Indonesian Poetry

Bacaan tentang Upacara Bali dan Jawa
A reading about ceremonies in Bali and Java


Artikel Koran
Selected articles from newspapers. Also sylabus and materials for intermediate level study of Bahasa Indonesia based on articles from newspapers.

Panji Koming
Cartoons from Kompas


Oom Pasikom
Cartoons from Kompas