Vowel Scripts

 tâchàun ngin ná thaq/tâchàun ngin thè dhè tin

{ ုန်}       /        { ုံ}    

Here is the dipthong script { ုန် } "tâchàun ná  thaq" which is pronounced "oun". If you combine the consonant { } and dipthong script { ုန် }, you will write {မုန် } and read it "moun". Remember that the dipthong script { ုန် } "tâchàun ná  thaq" is interchangable with { ုံ} "tâchàun ngin thè dhè tin" which is also pronounced "oun". If you combine  { } and { ုံ } "tâchàun ngin thè dhè tin", you will write {မုံ} and read it "moun." { ုန် }  "tâchàun ná  thaq" and { ုံ} "tâchàun ngin thè dhè tin" are used for different meanings. For example, {စုန် } means "to go down stream " while {စုံ } means "to be complete." Also note that each nasalized dipthong has three different tones and tone marks are consistant: an auq ká mjiq is added for the low tone and shé gá pauq for the high falling tone.. For example, see how {မုန် } is  written in three different tones.

မုန့် မုန် မုန်း
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(low) (level)  (high)

Listen how to spell out and read the following combinations: 

ပုန်း to hide Click Here !!!
သုံး three Click Here !!!
လုံ to be safe Click Here !!!
ပြုံး to smile Click Here !!!
ဆုံး to end Click Here !!!