Vowel Scripts

 ngá thaq/ nyá lè thaq

{င်}  /  {ဉ်}

In the following lessons you are learning three nasalized vowels.

Here is the vowel script {င်} "ngá thaq" which is prounced "in". If you combine the consonant {} and the vowel script {င်}, you will write {မင်} and read it "min". Remember that the vowel script {င်} "ngá thaq" is interchangable with {ဉ်} "nyá thaq" which is also prounced "in". If you combine the consonant { }and the vowel script{ဉ်}, you will write {မဉ်}and read it "min". {င်} "ngá thaq" and {ဉ်} "nyá lè thaq" are used for different meanings. For example, {စင်} means "to be clean" while{ဉ်} means "to arrange." Also note that each nasalized vowel has three tones and tone marks are consistant: an auq ka' mjiq is added for the low tone and shégá pauq for the high falling tone. For example, see how {မင်} could be written in three different tones.

မင့် မင် မင်း
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(low)  (level)  (high)

Listen how to spell out and read the following combinations: 

ရှင် you (spoken by female) Click Here !!!
လင်း to be bright Click Here !!!
သင့် your (literary) Click Here !!!
ညဉ့် night Click Here !!!
ဝင် to enter  Click Here !!!