Names of the Burmese alphabet

The Myanmar people give names to most of the letters of their alphabet. It is convenient to be able to use these names to refer to letters while you are learning them. Here are the names and their descriptive meanings as explained in Burmese (Myanamar). An Introduction to the Script by John Okell.

k ka'-j`i big ka'
K k'aŽ gw`e curved k'a
g ga' ngeh little ga'
G ga' j`i big ga'
c ngaŽ no descriptive name
s saŽ lo`un round saŽ
S s'aŽ lein twisty s'aŽ
z zaŽ gw`eh split zaŽ
Z zaŽ my`in zweh zaŽ with a line attached below
v nyaŽ no descriptive name
1 taŽ tal`in jeiq beir-hook taŽ
2 t'aŽ wun b`eh duck t'aŽ
3 daŽ yin gauq da with a rounded chest
4 daŽ ye hmouq water ladle daŽ
5 naŽ j`i big naŽ
t taŽ w`un bu pot-bellied taŽ
T t'aŽ s'in dun elephant fetter t'aŽ
d daŽ dw`e little daŽ
D  daŽ auq c'aiq daŽ with a dent below
n naŽ ngeh little naŽ
p paŽ zauq steep paŽ
P p'aŽ capped p'aŽ p'aŽ with a hat
b baŽ  deq c'aiq baŽ with a dented top
B baŽ go`un humpback baŽ
m maŽ no descriptive name
y yaŽ peq leq yaŽ on its back
r yaŽ gauq curved yaŽ
l laŽ no descriptive name
w waŽ no descriptive name
q thaŽ no descriptive name
h haŽ no descriptive name
l laŽ j`i big laŽ
A no descriptive name