Beginning Burmese Lessons

        The beginning lessons are designed for Myanmar language learners who want to learn the basic skills of reading, writing and speaking the language after having completed the "Script" lessons. These lessons include greetings, and various questions and answers related to daily communication. The lessons are organized through the use of listening, reading and writing drills and quizzes.  Learners should first listen to and read the text in each lesson with the help of the glossary and syntax before doing the drills and quizzes which will also contain some new words.

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Lesson 1 Lesson  9 Lesson 17
Lesson 2 Lesson 10 Lesson 18
Lesson 3 Lesson 11 Lesson 19
Lesson 4 Lesson 12 Lesson 20
Lesson 5 Lesson 13 Lesson 21
Lesson 6 Lesson 14 Lesson 22
Lesson 7 Lesson 15 Lesson 23
Lesson 8 Lesson 16